Speaker. Consultant. Trainer.

John M. Fischette, MBA

John is on a mission to help leaders transform their businesses to reach their full potential. Great productivity and performance in business starts with leaders. That’s why he works with leaders to establish nurturing and engaging work environments where teams feel they belong and can do their best work.

This affords leaders the ability to harness the collective creative and problem-solving thinking of their team members continuously and improve their business results.

With degrees in business and psychology, John blends his education, training, and over 25 years of real-world leadership experience to bring unique value to those he works with and presents to.

John works with small – medium sized business leaders and professional groups that represent them.

One of the
“Top Coaches” In Los Angeles

“Best of LinkedIn”
Executive Coach


“No psychobabble. I look forward to every valuable piece of insight John brings. When he talks, I want to hear what he has to say.”
Christopher Howe, MA
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