Leadership to Transform Teams 

Let’s be honest…

Running a small business, franchise, family-run business, or start-up can be exhausting and frustrating. With so many things competing for your attention, you can spend so much of your time doing things, you have little time for leading.

When this happens, you can struggle to unlock the full potential of your team and business.

However, the success of your business comes down to how you get your team to engage, commit and contribute, so that you can effectively get more done together.

Unfortunately, consistently elevating your leadership skills can be a challenge, even for high-performing people. Business school doesn’t teach you how to lead and leadership doesn’t always come naturally. Fortunately though, making a few shifts in your strategies can reduce your workload and stress, while improving team productivity.

That’s why I break down the psychological, emotional, and practical aspects of business leadership so you can communicate a vision and goals, guide and inspire others, and build mutual trust that empowers you and your team to do more and succeed together.

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John M. Fischette, MBA

I work with the leaders of small business, franchises, family-run businesses, start-ups, and the organizations that represent them. Using a blend of psychology and business best practices from real-world experiences, I help you improve employee engagement and get the most from your team and business.

Additionally, I also speak about transformational leadership, team performance, and business psychology. My presentations focus on helping leaders avoid overwhelm and burnout and build mutual trust that empowers them and their teams to do more and succeed.

With over two decades of experience coaching business leaders in medium & small businesses, family businesses, and start-ups across every function, I can bring best practices and proven, real- world know-how to you.


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